Monday, January 23, 2012

One of the "Best Baking Blogs on the Web" !?!?!

Wow, not alot of pressure there, huh???
I am a simply an easy blogger. I am also thrilled to pieces!!!
Thank you FoodBuzz!
I am thrilled to be featured as one of

Can You believe it??
Me ??? I am so shocked! (A little proud too).
I do bake, but I have to admit, there are lots of bloggers that bake alot more than I do. The only thing I think I do differently is that I try to make it easier for Everyone to bake. I so hope that comes across. I want everyone to feel that if they take my recipe and instructions into their kitchen that they will come out with the result they see here on my blog. That's my mission for everything I post here. I bake or cook every single dish I post. I go through every ingredient and concentrate very intently on making the ingredient lists available to anyone who can get to a grocery store. I truly want to empower anyone who wants to cook, but has been intimidated to do so or just thinks it's too much trouble.
Since the concentration of this honor is on my baking..I thought I'd highlight a few of the things that have been most popular in my baking efforts. I so hope you enjoy them.
Streusal Pumpkin Bread
 ~ Featured on Foodbuzz ~

As always Thank You EVERYONE who reads, comments and follows Food is Love.

 I truly am honored for the privilege to be a part of your Food Experience!