Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gorilla Bread, a Tasty Fail?

Have you ever watched a cooking show and said "Wow, That looks Fantastic!" ?  I have. Many, many times. Well this week was just one of those occasions. I watched a cooking show last week, that absolutely had me hoodwinked into thinking that my every day "Monkey Bread" wasn't good enough anymore.
All of a sudden I needed "GORILLA BREAD"! 
For goodness sakes...What about it's differences did I need? What was it that made me want to stray away from  my tried and true favorite? I knew it was a risk...I knew to try this *shiny*new* tantalizing treat, was to forego years of perfecting an old trusted friend. I was mesmerized. I was taunted and teased. I was Tempted! This Food Network Maven had me convinced that this was the Newest Bestest thing since the invention of the Cinnamon Roll. She was worse than an Ice Cream Vendor in a heatwave! The new fangled idea of Twisted Cinnamon and Brown Sugar mixed with the sweetness of Chocolate and Banana deliciousness was now replacing and forever changing the landscape of Baked Breakfast Indulgences Everywhere! Was I going to go with this New Fangled Wave? I tried to fight it. I was NOT going to write anything down. If I didn't write it down, I wasn't going to do it!!
 ::::strategic long pause:::::
Yup, It got to me...My mind kept going back to it. How different can it be? It's just szushed up Monkey Bread. What's the big deal? Upon looking back I realize Oh, it was soooo a Very Big Deal!
Sweetened Condensed Milk, Bananas and Chocolate Chips wrapped in the center of a warm, fluffy, buttery Croissant! Then it all is enveloped in a sweet glaze of Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and a hint of crunch from the Walnuts! I couldn't stop myself...I HAD to MAKE IT!!!  But wait ! I didn't write down the recipe...

What have we learned about me? I don't look up the recipe on the website. I scurrily write it down while watching..Emphatically getting every detail..and replicating beautifully as if I were there learning from the Master herself! But, this time..I was so sure, that this was not something I wanted to make, that I had convinced myself that if I did, it was a "no-brainer"! Oh boy... I left my self wide open! Wide open for what ? You ask.
I didn't write it down. I was sure I would know what to do, but for some reason...I was sooo wrong. To this very moment, I don't think I know for sure what it was that I missed...but it was not a successful moment in my kitchen.
Here it is my friends: Gorilla Bread...gone awry.

I have to admit. My Hunny liked it. He loved it hot from the oven. I also must confess, I had a piece. It was GOOD!!! It looks like someone dumped mashed up chocolate chip cinnamon rolls on a plate. But, it tasted Fabulous!!! It's worth the try!

Here's the breakdown: Whole Croissants, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar...How bad can it be? Really? You could put all of those things anywhere and someone will eat them!

I'm sure you would like to try this ...But, Please, Please be sure to have the Recipe!!! 
The moral of this story... Sometimes we set out to make something in the kitchen,  WE know in our heads what it "should" look like. But friends, nobody but You can see that image.  When I cut my Hunny's piece and put it in front of him..He ate it up!  Think about that everytime you make something. Everytime you say "I'm no chef..but...." Everyone has failures...but sometimes the failure is a perception. This Gorilla Bread may not be a Food Buzz Top 9 Feature, but It was in the Top 9 at my house this week. That's all that really matters. Isn't it?
Have Fun in the kitchen...