Friday, July 29, 2011

Janice's Pad Thai for Fan Friday

Hey Everyone it's Friday!!
Our Fan Friday Feature this week is a Friend of Food is Love's Facebook Page
Jan Gardner.
One of the missions of Food is Love is to encourage people to cook. Moreover for some, it is to cook outside of their comfort zone. If I reach just one person so that they accomplish one dish they have never had the courage to try before, I have succeeded in my Goal. The whole point of writing a blog for me is to encourage people to cook and eat at home. It is my thrill to hear back from friends of Food is Love via the multiple Internet sites, Email and Facebook. I LOVE answering questions, suggesting menu items and helping to figure out a recipe. This is my Zone! To hear that this thing that I do everyday, encourages someone, makes me smile like you can only imagine.
Jan is a frequent poster on Food is Love. She is also someone who has recently gotten the courage to try new things. She posted recently as an answer to my daily question "What are you making for dinner?" that she had made her 1rst Pad Thai! I was thrilled to hear it!  Here are her results!!!

What a beautiful dish!! 
Thank you so much Janice for sharing your accomplishments with Food is Love!


  1. It looks not only beautiful but also very delicious!

  2. I'm an omnivore, she's a vegetarian. Pad Thai is one of our all time favorite "Compromise" meals!

  3. Thanks so much Angie! I'm sure Jan is very proud!

    Kevin me too! Love it!!