Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eggnog Creme

Have you ever had Eggnog leftover ? Didn't know what to do with it?
This recipe will make ya want to go out and get some eggnog to make it!
Last night, I was rummaging through the pantry to think of something to make as a quick dessert.
A nice dessert for company. I had leftover Eggnog and some heavy whipping cream...I thought about just warming some Eggnog and add it to some coffee and top it with whipped cream. That just didn't seem like "Dessert". What could I do as something more substantial? Something that looks and feels like dessert?
Ok, I have chocolate chips... and heavy cream...I could make pudding. I go to the fridge and hmmph...not enough cream to make 4 servings of pudding. Grrrrr...Wait Eggnog! Eggnog Pudding?? Never had it.
I wonder.....So guess what. I did it!! Made some Eggnog "Pudding". Added some sugar on top to "brulee" and Voila!!! A real Dessert!  This is my point all the time. You can always do something. It just takes a little thinking or a resource like me who shares these moments so you can pull this stuff out of your bag of tricks when you need to!
*By the way...I now have a "print" button at the bottom of my recipes so you can have these at your fingertips at all times :)
Here ya go!!
____________________________Eggnog Creme Recipe