Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dinner from my Blog...

As you all know I love a good challenge. My friend Kim over at The Farmers Wife decided that because one of our mutual friends challenged her that she would in turn challenge me. You're saying ok, ok..what's the challenge??? Well the challenge is to make the Easter Holiday meal from dishes we already have on our blog.
now,the only holiday meals I have on my blog were of New Years.. remember the Lobster Ravioli???

But is that an Easter meal??? naaah...
I think I'd rather go with the Stuffed Cabbage if it has to be something from my blog. The Stuffed Cabbage is "Spring" that the freshness of the sauce and the heartiness of the filling combined make it a pretty substantial Meal! Don't you agree?
A wonderful old fashioned Sunday Meal! Love it, in its simplicity yet ohh so good flavor!

Now side dishes are kind of hard to go with Stuffed Cabbage, but a good salad and some home made rolls would be great here!

The homemade rolls I got from Kim would be great here too!!

Now dessert??? Oh I have an array of desserts to choose from...My question here is ..Do I pick difficult or easy?
It's a should be special Ok, lets go with something spring like...I just passed this recipe along the other day to someone who was looking for something light and springy to take along with her to an Easter Dinner...
My Lemon Coconut Tarts.
They are a great little nosh, that always comes out Perfect!

Well that's the Challenge my friends...My Easter Meal from my Blog...Now if you need Quick and Easy Ideas..You can always pick up my New Cookbook:
5 Ingredient Solutions. It's on sale right here on my Blog or over at Amazon for your Kindle, PC or Iphone. I saw it on Iphone..It was beautiful and in Color! Check it out!

Ok, now I my turn to Tag my friends to do this too!!
Check them out and see how they did1 It's fun!

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  1. Everything looks delicious have a wonderful Happy Easter!

  2. Alas, we did not host Easter dinner. But I think we met the challenge, because we made eclairs, which we had just posted about. Thanks for the tag!

  3. Chris and Amy..My pleasure! Hope your Holiday was Great!