Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Last Dinner of the Year

I always have Lobster Ravioli on New Year's Eve because it is the culmination of a year of Good Eating.
I also believe that it is the start of a blessed meal trend for the year to come.

I normally have Lobster Ravioli with Emeril's Vodka Sauce
and have had it that way for quite a few years. Although, every time I do, I feel that the sauce isn't "the one" for the ravioli.
Now, watching and learning from Food Network, and writing Recipes for cookbooks and the blog, I have learned more about what goes with what. In this case "Lobster". When you think of Lobster, you think about butter, lemon, maybe white wine....something "light". So I got to thinking..what about a White Wine Sauce?
I hunted and hunted...but nothing really hit me. I researched for like a week on and off. Finally it came to me. Ina Gartin does a Champagne Vinegar Bearnaise Sauce. She used it for a steak. I thought, hmmph..maybe to heavy for a Seafood Pasta? Let me make it and see...I have the Vodka sauce on hand , just in case. Let me just tell you...It was Heavenlyyyyyyyyy.

Lobster Ravioli with Seafood Bearnaise.

I am giving you the recipe for the seafood sauce and the instruction for the Lobster preparation.
The Ravioli is Store Bought from a Specialty Store. 
I live in Miami and get mine at an Italian Specialty Store called Doris Market.
 I know in Rhode Island there is a wonderful place on Federal Hill to get it also @ Venda Ravioli.
If you cannot find it near you, Venda does ship.
If you can't find "Lobster" Ravioli, A Frozen Cheese Ravioli would be great!
Just improvise with the sauce. 
Additional Lobster or Crab, Scallops, or Shrimp with the Lobster and now you have a great entree.

I have to explain ahead of time that this is not a shy process. It's not hard, it's just time sensitive. Lobster is very sensitive to overcooking. The sauce can be made ahead of time, but because you are using the butter you poach the lobster in, this is a very quick and timely pace. As long as you have it stepped out in your head, it can be done and done with flair! It is Lobster afterall!

Lets do This!

Start a Pot of Boiling Salted Water (for ravioli)

In a sauce pan add 2 sticks of butter and melt (pan to be big enough to hold the meat from 2 lobster tails)
You will use a lobster tail per person. If you have more people, then you need more lobster. It's that simple. You can use 1/2 a tail per person, but believe me it will not look like it does as pictured.
Lobster Prep
Lay down the lobster tail, with spine facing you. Tail toward you, opening away from you. (Vertically)
Take a knife and split the tail in half straight down the middle vertically opening the tail.
If you cant get it with the knife, just grab ahold of it and slip your fingers under the spine to pull out the meat. Tug, it will come out in one piece. Clean the meat. Remove any black left from the intestinal tract.

Add Ravioli to Boiling Water. Boil for 10-15 minutes or until floating.

Add the Lobster meat to the butter. Poach for 5-7 minutes.


Gather Sauce Ingredients and Blender
2 Tblsp Olive Oil
3 Tblsp Shallots chopped
1/2 c Champagne Vinegar (or White Wine vinegar)
1/2 c White Wine (I used champagne, it was new years)
1 Tblsp Tarragon (fresh, this is important)
2 Tblsp lemon juice (fresh, also important)
3 Egg Yolks (extra large)

In a Sauce Pan, Saute Shallots in the Olive Oil until translucent.
Add Vinegar and Wine. Saute until reduced by 1/2, Add Tarragon. Warm through.

In Blender 
Add Eggs, and Shallots mixture combine until smooth.(pulse well, blender top on)
Add lemon.
Combine (pulse, blender top on)

*****Remove Lobster from Poaching Butter, set aside.

Keeping Blender cover intact, Remove center piece of blender cover.
Pour Hot Butter slowly into blender while blender on in whipping mode.
The Hot Butter will cook the eggs, and give the sauce a froth and thickness.
When thick and smooth, Salt and Pepper to taste.
The sauce will have the flavor of the lobster and a touch of lemon :)
Drain Ravioli
Pour into Serving Dish
Pour 3/4 Sauce over Ravioli
Place Lobster on top 
Pour Remaining Sauce over Lobster
Garnish with Lemon and Parsley.

Serve with Side Salad and Crusty Bread