Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

December brings my favorite thing to make in the whole world: COOKIES !!!
This month is marked in my house as Cookie Heaven! My oven works overtime in December.
My house wafts with the sweet aromas of Cinnamon, Chocolate and all things Cookie!
The 2013 Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Logo

This December is a little more special than usual. I was able to participate in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! So much fun! Each participant pays a fee ($5.00) and it goes to Charity (Cookies for Kids' Cancer)

It was a Blast! I love doing Cookie Swaps. Gives me more reason to make MORE COOKIES !!! hehehe

Gifts from Cookie Swap Sponsors
So for this swap the organizers Julie (The Little Kitchen) and Lindsey (Love and Olive Oil) arranged for the participants to receive goodies from sponsors! I rec'd, Beautiful Silicone Kitchen Gadgets from OXO, Coupons from Dixie Sugar and an Entry Cookie Tin to Bake it Forward!
I was thrilled to even participate and To have been a part of Raising more than $13,000.00 For Children's Cancer!
I was over the moon.

The Cookie Swap was arranged so that we would receive the names and mailing addresses for 3 other Bloggers to send 1 dozen cookies to. 3 Dozen Cookies total. What a Hoot! My Recipients were from California (2) and New Jersey (1). I decided early on that I would make 3 different cookies and split the cookies among the 3 recipients. They would each receive at least a dozen cookies, but a sampling of all 3!
I decided on 2 Cookies that were Super Easy but had alot of flavor and one that was a little Decadent! Everyone needs a little decadent in their life, don't you think?
I wrapped each package with My Blog's Logo and the Cookie Swap Logo! (provided by our organizers.
Cookie Swap Packs 2013

I honestly had a ball!
Within the packages I included 3 "Recipe Cards" for each batch of cookies.
One for the Banana Split Cookies, One for the Red Velvet Cookies and the last one was a Great Recipe for Caramel Brownie "Cookie" that  I borrowed from my Friend Lynn (Southern with a Twist)

It was a Blast!

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Are you curious about the cookies I received???
Well they're here :: COOKIEs from the Swap!

Please remember if you'd like to be a part of the Cookie Swap Next Year stop by the Swap Website or the Facebook Page and sign up for the newsletter!
You can click and sign up for the newsletter here: Cookie Swap Newsletter

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