Sunday, March 9, 2014

I've been Nominated for a Liebster!

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!
The Liebster Award is an award passed around small blogs as a way to put a bit of spotlight on the blogs and make the blogger feel like people are actually interested and paying attention to what they do (which can be hard sometimes!). When someone nominates you for this award they pose 11 questions that need to be answered in the form of a blog post. This is a great way for everyone in the blogging community to get to know each other as well as a way for readers to find out a little more about the person behind the posts.

Thank you so much to Nicole from PicNic 
She is a wonderful Food Blogger, Mom, Wife and all around Good Soul!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I owned a restaurant and missed cooking, so through sharing my recipes I felt like I was still connecting to people.

2. What are three kitchen utensils you can not live without?
Whisk, Keurig and Microwave!

3. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
Huge! I so would love for Lots and Lots of Bloggers to join me in creating a huge Foodie Network!

4. What is your favorite and least favorite food?
Favorite: Gnocchi     Least favorite : Liver

5. What makes you most passionate about the topic of your blog?
I truly believe that an evening meal with the family at the family dining room table is integral to children's sense of self and accountability.

6. What is your favorite blog post?
Of course it's my Portuguese Malassadas post! It's my favorite!

7. Other than blogging, what do you enjoy doing with your time?
I really love checking out new food Trucks and Farmers Markets. A Farmers Market to me is like some women's trip to Nordstroms!

8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would love to afford live back in Rhode Island. I miss the sense of community. Such a Beautiful place to live.

9. What is your favorite animal?
Dog, Absolutely hands down Dogs!

10. What food do you crave the most?
Ice cream and Coffee. I just always have a craving for one or the other.

11. What is your favorite (or most addicting) form of social media?
Facebook. I try so hard to stay out and once I'm in I can never get out...

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me. 
For my nomination: I give you a Great blogger to visit & enjoy learning about.

My Nominee

Rini @ Healing Tomato

1 Why did you become a blogger?

2 What is your most popular recipe?

3 What is your favorite Family Meal to prepare?

4 How young were you when you started cooking?

5 Did someone teach you how to cook?

6 What is one of your Cooking Fails?

7 If you could cook for anyone living or passed who would it be? and what would you cook?

8 Other than blogging what do you do in your Free Time?

9 What is one skill in the kitchen you wish you had?

10 What makes your heart race?