Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh So Easy Pork Loin

With all of the Holiday hustle and bustle, I know an easy recipe will be right up your alley just about now.

Last weekend when grocery shopping I grabbed a small Pork Loin for something quick.
All you have to do is make a great rub, sploosh it on the pork and pop it in the oven for 40 or so minutes.  (Yes *sploosh* it’s a technical food blogger term) LOL.

No really, When you’re tired, and it;s been a long day...or a long week, knowing whats in your fridge and pantry can go a long way. To go with tonight’s  oh so easy pork recipe, I have a few ideas about how to throw something together that wont seem like you “threw” it together.  Marinades, Rubs and Spice blends that you keep as staples, so when life throws you a “chopped challenge” can be the weapons to conquer and claim VICTORY over those challenges!!

Ok, So tonight we had this lovely Pork Loin.

Oh So Easy Pork Loin

Pork Loin 2 lbs

3 tbsp Honey Mustard

2 tbsp Garlic Powder

1 Tbsp Complete Seasoning

1 tsp Flour

Salt and Pepper


I peeled 1 sweet potato, and cubed it up.  Poured about 1/2 cup chicken stock in the bottom of the baking pan. Dropped in the potatoes. then I rested the pork loin on top of the potatoes.  Yup! Now the potatoes will have all of the flavor and drippings from the Pork!  I roasted the Pork for 35 minutes.

Then wrapped it in foil and roasted for another 10 minutes.  Voila Perfection!

Moist Succulent Pork and a Delicious side dish. Two Hits for the price of one!

So..Think about it this way…
Whats in your fridge? Leftover Homemade Cranberry sauce? Me too. Could have rubbed that onto the Pork Loin! Wow, that would have been great!
Can also use the Cranberry as a Meatloaf topping mixed with some ketchup and worcestershire, Fantastic!
I have all kinds of Jams, Sauces and Marinades in the form of one thing or another.
My favorite Marinade is Italian Dressing. Olive oil for Fat and Vinegar for tenderizing, not to mention all of those herbs! It’s a win-win.
Orange Juice, Lemon Juice and some Herb de Provence make a Fantastic Chicken Marinade. Roast a chicken with Butter under the breast Skin,  Lemons and onions in the cavity and the Lemon Juice Marinade over top! It’s a Wow every time!

Have you used Ranch Dressing packets in your Mashed potatoes?  Give it a try!.

An Easy Leftover Mashed Potato Casserole:  Use leftover Mashed potatoes, Ranch dressing (packet or wet), a couple tbsp of Sour cream, a little half and half or milk. Top with Parmesan Cheese, a little Panko (can also use ritz crackers.) and a Couple tbsp of cold butter. You could use some of the dressing in the topping also! Now you have a Great Side dish that is from leftovers! There’s nothing to it. It’s all a mindset.

Bad Day, gives you a Chopped Challenge? You have the tools Right in the Pantry!

Go Get a Victory!!!

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