Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Round-Up & A Giveaway!

Have you eaten all of your Holiday leftovers? My freezer is packed! Packages and Packages of Cookies. Little tubs of Cookie Dough and we had leftover Roasted Pork that I will surely use in the crockpot for BBQ Sandwiches and BBQ Spaghetti in the very near future.

Have you taken down your decorations? My neighborhood is traditionally lit from Thanksgiving week until Jan 6th. Because we live in South Florida Everything is lit! There are Blow up Santas, Reindeer, Snowmen and Lights galore! I especially love the Inflatable Snowglobes! Just Beautiful!
Lit Wreath

This year I absolutely fell in love with the Pre-Lit Wreathes. Are they not gorgeous? They give such a classic statement to the front of the home.
"The King of Christmas"  (the Giveaway Sponsor) is having a SALE!
SAVE up to 65% off of Trees, Decor, Wreaths and Garland!
I could get one for every window! They are also offering Free Shipping on "most" items! Sounds like a Deal to me!
He also has some beautiful Trees and some are pre-lit!
Wouldn't that be alot easier?

That is probably the most disliked task of putting up the decorations. Stringing the lights on the tree! The Pre-Lit Tree would take all the hassle out of that!
Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Here's one of them! They really are gorgeous! 
I love the After Christmas Sales!
 It extends the Season just a little bit more and gives you hope for an even better Season next year!

So are you interested in the Giveaway?
has been so kind as to provide us a

to pass along to
 1 Lucky Winner!
So Take a moment and Check out the Details below and join the Giveaway!
Maybe it will make up for the Gift you were hoping for but didn't get!
Giveaway Starts Today @ Midnight (MST) and ends 1-12-14 Midnight (MST)
Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Thank You so much "King of Christmas" for the opportunity to bring my Readers your products and a chance to win the Gift Card! You are a Rockstar! ~Laurie @Food is Love

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