Friday, August 2, 2013

Sharing my Space: Amitisari Chicken from Jenny John @ Cook and Facts

Recently I have decided to share my space and Readers with New Bloggers or Blogger who have become uninspired and need a to reverberate their Blog :)
So my First share is with Jenny John at Cook and Facts. Jenny is no stranger to blogging. Her Blog is Beautifully set up and has a wonderful presence about it. I'm sure that her Blog will be one to watch in the coming months. Jenny has shared a fantastic Curry dish that she found on a NDTV that she recalculated and made her own. Is that what we do alot in our kitchens? We take the essence of our old tried and true recipes and zshush them up to make them our own.
I am new to Curry, but this sounds so easy and fantastically flavored! I can't wait to give it a try!

Thank You Jenny John for sharing your wonderful take on Amitisari Chicken with us!
Please stop and let Jenny @ her  Cook and Facts Facebook page, know that you Loved her dish and Welcome her to the Foodie Block!

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