Monday, August 12, 2013

A Food Truck Event; Wynwood Food Fest, Miami

Every 2nd Saturday of the month is Food Truck night for me. I have an affinity for my Miami Food Trucks, there's always something new and delightful cooking when I visit them. Saturday night was no different!

We arrived in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami to find it hustling and bustling with throngs of people. I was amazed at how just a few months ago this little side of the road parking lot, presented an out of the way exclusive feeling little gathering of foodies, and now, it has turned into a truly boisterous festival type of atmosphere!
Congratulations Wynwood Arts &  Chef Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen (curator of the Wynwood Food Fest) You have really made a night of it!
Here are the details:
Wynwood Street Food Fest featuring the Miami Food Trucks
Date: Every 2nd Saturday of the Month
Time: 6PM – Midnight
Location: 210 NW 22nd Ln Miami, FL 33127
Parking: Parking is available all over Wynwood for FREE or on the lot for $10.
A few changes have taken place and I'd like to let you in on those. This was my original favorite of all of the "Food Truck Night" Locations. Unfortunately it isn't anymore. We always had a "night out" mentality going into this event because there were so many trucks at one location. We would plan to spend the evening just making it a foodie event. As this event had picnic tables and benches, we would peruse all of the trucks honing in on what was new and decide what we would try first, then 1 person would get in line and the other grab a table. We always shared. (thus giving ourselves a chance to taste more, without getting so full, that we can't walk. Believe the food is that good!) The person getting the table would wait for the other and then share whatever beautiful morsels they brought to the table. We could sit enjoy the food, "kibitz:" with others, see and talk about what others had and enjoyed (which is a great part of the experience) and then move on to our next truck /  "communal" picnic table. This was the experience and it was always a Great Night Out! 
Now....the tables are gone and have been replaced with "standing tables". Not fun. No leisurely moving from one fabulous foodgasm to the next. It's now like a painful club experience where you're trying to eat the bar wings while everyone else is bustling and partying around you, scared someone will bump the table and spill your fantastic morsels. I enjoy the bustle don't get me wrong, but the atmosphere has changed so much that the comradary has left the experience all together. 
The change of the experience lent me to spend only half the time I would have normally spent, but I also found that I spent half the money. I don't know if it was a totally bad thing. The change has now prompted me to find a *new* favorite. Unfortunately Wynwood isn't so special anymore as the experience of standing around eating is kinda the same as all of the rest of the locations. If I have to schlep my chair I can do that to any of the locations. Wynwood is a Great Party! If that's the atmosphere you're looking for it's the location for you. If your looking for the foodie comradary...maybe not so much.

Here's the highlight of our Foodie Experience....

We ate at 3 trucks. First up the Big Ragu!

A quintessential New York, Old School Italian Taste of Home! We LOVED it. The Owners Tommy & Linda are Fantastic! New York Italian Personality with all of the "Olde World charm". They made us feel like we were guests at their home! My partner is from Brooklyn so the conversations began... From turning the clock back 30 years or so, where some New York neighborhoods you dare not walk through at night to today where those same neighborhoods have been so updated there's a Starbucks on every corner!

The whole decision of what to order was a tough one. Tommy and Linda offer you all the comforts of Mama's Sunday Dinner on a roll! My Partner Ralph decided on the Big 3! Madon Ami' what a sangwich!

Fantastic Italian Sausage, Italian Beef and BBQ Pork all topped with Sauteed Green Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos & Gardineira!  You won't believe Just how fantastic this is! It's the thing to have when you can't decide. They have combined the best of the best in 1 Phenomenal Sandwich! WTG Tommy & Linda! You Rocked it out! I have to admit the draw of this truck was the personality of the owner, what will keep us coming back is the genuineness. They truly want you to enjoy their food and You surely will! It's Old School Italian food at it's finest! You will not walk away hungry, that's for sure! Thanks so much Tommy & Linda! Great Food! FUHGEDDABOUDIT!

2nd Stop: Miami Press Gourmet Sandwich Truck

Adorable truck, Just look at it. How Great is the wrap on this truck? The theme is "Newspaper". All of the sandwiches have a "Newspaper" Title to go along with the theme. But the Flavor of the truck is "Gourmet" Sandwich. 

 Great Food! I decided to have a BBQ Pork  (the name was: The Journal). It was hearty! The bread tasted like a cross between a nice crusty italian bread but a dense sourdough inside. Very nice. 

The sandwich itself was BBQ Pork and a southern type of slaw. 

The BBQ sauce was kind of generic, but the slaw added this very "fresh" element to the sandwich it desperately needed. Great Sandwich! The only thing I would do differently is add an element of "something different" to the BBQ Sauce...maybe a fruit element (mango, cherry, even orange hint would be nice) or a Spice kick in the back of your throat like a hint of cayenne. You might even consider a bit of cumin or cilantro. Just "something" to differentiate it as "Miami Press BBQ"..just my thoughts....It was a Great sandwich on it's own merit, but nothing "stand out".

My final stop was at the recommendation of Tommy (Big Ragu) and that was 
Ok Fans this was the night's Flavor Explosion. You walk up to the "Truck" and they have lovely young women squirting yogurt from the truck into these little paper cups for you to try! 
You can stand there forever just trying each flavor! I can only say that the flavors were Fabulous, Fresh and Delish!!! Once you decide what you'd like you pay $5. bucks at the window for a cup and you go and pour your own Frozen Yogurt. Any combination you'd like whatever amount you can get in the cup. It's a Great interactive idea! You then get to go over to the Topping fountain and the server gives you whatever toppings you'd like.
At Tommy's (Big Ragu) recommendation I tried the Watermelon first. O-M-G Fresh fruity explosion!
I then ventured on my own and tried a bit of  the Orchid. Floral, Fresh, Sweet but herby... Nice!!!
I decided to combine the two and top with a Mango Sauce for a wonderful experience!
Gotta hand it to JoJi the flavors are phenomenal and so was the experience. Thanks JoJi Truck!

If you happen to see a Food Truck lineup somewhere, stop and try a bite!
I promise you will not be disappointed. 
In Miami and South Florida you can always go to Miami Food to find out where they are!