Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Revolution!!

You are Invited!
2-08-11 thru 2-19-11
Are you tired of Winter Yet?
Have you had enough Snow yet?
Do you have Cabin Fever???
I have the answer!
Even though I live in Florida, where the temp is currently 82 degrees, I feel for those who are currently suffering through the doldrums of Winter's Cold Blast. The never ending cloudy skies. The bitter cold that runs straight down to your bones. I remember it. I remember how long Winter was. I remember how tough it was to feel hope for the warmth of the bright sunshiney day.
So want to hear my idea?
Here ya go:
My idea is simple.

You are invited to a revolution. You are invited to have Summer in your kitchen!
As winter continues to trudge on you.. Fight back! Get out the Summer Wear!
Grab some Colorful Shorts and Tees. A grass Skirt, or a Hula Shirt. 
Cover the Windows and Doors so the Snow doesn't shine in.
Have Summer in Your Kitchen!  Heres how it should go:

1. Decorate with a Summer theme...This can be anything from colorful tableclothes to Beachballs .This is suppose to be fun! We're Revolting against Winter!
2 Plan the Menu: Hamburgers and Hot dogs, Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Have a Clam boil! Who ever said you cant do a clam boil in the winter? Jello Fruit Salad! Potatoes and Macaroni are available year long too! You can do this!

3. MUSIC... Let the Summer in.. Some Beach Boys, Bob Marley.. Some Tropical Sounds.. This will bring you straight to the beach! 

4. Pictures! This is where the Participation begins. I wants Photos. I want to see what you do! I'm going to do it too! Just because it's 80 here, doesn't mean it's summer..But I'm making Summer in my Kitchen too!

All Photos are to be posted on my Facebook Fan Page: Food is Love
or can be emailed to me @ foodislove@ymail.com and I will post them to the Food is Love Facebook Page!

Leave a comment (that includes your Blog's URL) stating you want to participate.
Then grab the Code Below and Join the Party!

I will post the Master List of Participants here on this blog, and continue to follow up, so you can follow along and see how others are Revolting against this Harsh Winter! We will then Share any recipes that We've used to bring Summer into our Winter Kitchens via our blogs. I'm sure we'll all appreciate the Recipes, Inspiration and New Friends!

Most of All, Enjoy the Party and your new friends in Winter Revolution!!

Grab the Participant Badge Code:

Music For Your Party!

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