Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pasta on the Fly, Light Pasta Fare by Donato Scotti

As most of my readers know I am a strong "Drive-Thru" Opponent. I really think that eating Dinner in your home at  your Family Table is the key to a Healthy family. I can quote statistics that show that a Family Meal in the evening lowers, Teenage drop out rates, Lowers Teenage Drug addiction, and also lowers divorce rates, but I have said this time and time again. So all I will say is there is a 5 week class through Stanford University that you can take (it's FREE) to learn more on the idea of Quick and Easy ways to make Dinner and Eating from Home more important to your Whole Family :)
Hope you pick it up and get more info on how easy it is to do and How important it really is for your Whole Family. I really enjoyed the class myself :)

Remember I have hundreds of recipes here on the blog that you can make in a snap!
Enjoy the Video and Enjoy making Dinner at home! It's really easy.