Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome Spring! Lemon Magic Cake

So is Spring escaping you? Is it not "Spring-like" at your house? Well, it's ok. Have a bite of this 3 layered, fresh, light, moist, creamy cake and you will be transported to a Beautifully sunny place!
The reason this is called a "Magic" Cake is because you make 1 batter and the cake magically transforms into a 3 layered cake. The top has a light airy spongecake -like- layer. The middle a fresh flavor filled custard, and the bottom a dense "cheesecake -like- layer. It's a fantastic surprise. I actually didn't get it myself, but it was a must try for me. 
Now, I have to admit I'm not a "vanilla" person so I went with lemon. If you are not a "Lemon" person feel free to substitute Vanilla Extract for the Lemon juice. Have a great time with this cake. I know I did! Enjoy!

 (Tarta Magica)

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