Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Menu item...Bananas Foster French Toast?

Good Morning!!! I wanted to share a little inspirational story from my trip to Rhode Island with you.
On one of the many mornings I had breakfast with my Wonderful Cousin Dottie, we decide on one of her favorite breakfast places "Green Eggs" Their Menu is fantastic! Filled with Fresh Items sure to please everyone! It is an open kitchen little local place where you can watch your breakfast being made and you are always greeted with a smile! You love it as soon as you enter. Very Local items mixed in with traditional and non-traditional items. Great Menu, Great Staff, Great environment. So positive!
On this particular morning I was home sick. Another morning not cooking my own breakfast, paying someone to make me something I knew I could make at home, but didn't have the time or the patience.
On previous days Dottie had a breakfast item called "Monkey Business". 
It intrigued me as I didn't understand why people would want french toast with "cold bananas" on it. I began to realize that the "freshness" was what they were looking for. I usually said nothing, ordered my Portuguese breakfast sandwich (Egg, Bacon an Cheese on a Portuguese Muffin (bolo)) and went on with my day.
But on this particular day, I asked my cousin Dottie, "Do you think the Chef would make me something special"? She said "Can't hurt to ask". So I did. I asked the waitress for a "Monkey Business" my way. She tilted her head and asked how was that? I asked that the Chef add some brown sugar, butter and cinnamon to the sliced bananas and sauteed them before adding them to my French Toast. The Chef Did It!!! I was so thrilled!!
A little slice of home!!! 
When the waitress brought it over she said "Wow, that smells good". My Cousin Dottie was delighted as well. As a matter of fact she took some of my bananas and tried them on her own French Toast! It was a hit! 
So today, back in my own home, making my own Bananas Foster French Toast, I think of that day, when the Chef of a little local shop was willing to go out of her way, off her own menu, to give someone a taste of home that would not only ease her homesickness but MAKE HER DAY!
If you see a *New* Menu item at Green Eggs called Bananas Foster French Toast, think of me and say, THANK YOU, Green Eggs Chef!  YOU ROCK!!

** If you'd like my recipe for Bananas Foster French Toast: