Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cherry Bomb

I know you all are saying, Oh my gosh...Did she say Bomb? Oh I don't know about that...sounds like a combobulation of too many ideas put into one dessert. How that in itself could be a bad thing I'm still trying to figure out. But anyway...When you think of a "bomb" you think of ice cream and many layers...and lots of time. As many of you know I am not a "lots of time" kinda cook. Keep it simple and keep it yummy is my cup of tea.
So...My Hunny Bunny's birthday is coming up. When I went up north (R.I.) I decided I was going to make him a cake that my Grandmother used to make for Everyone's birthday. It was "The Bomb". The only thing about this cake is that it uses "lady fingers". (Small light and airy cakes shaped like fingers.) They come in a package of 16. So while I was "up North" I bought 3 packages. (Can't find them here in South Florida)
Yes there is a recipe for them (right here) but I was there and they were there so I threw em in my "food suitcase" and brought em home.  :)
My Hunny's birthday is not until the 30th of this month and on Saturday we were having "company". So, guess what? I used the ladyfinger!! (da da daaaaahhh) I made a "Cherry Bomb".  I had the ingredients at home. Had the lady fingers in the fridge... so I did it! Now, 2 things:
1: You get the Recipe for the "Cherry Bomb"
2: You get another post, because now I have to MAKE Lady Fingers!

Enjoy the Cherry Bomb! I know we did!!

                                                     The Cherry Bomb

32 Lady Fingers
8 oz (approx) Cream Cheese (room temp) 
8 oz Whipping Cream
Cherry Pie Filling (10 oz can)
3 Tbsp Confectioners Sugar
1/2 tsp lemon juice (fresh, if not omit)
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla (1 tsp for cream cheese mixture, 1/2 tsp for whipped cream)

In a Medium Mixing bowl,  Combine softened Cream Cheese, 2 oz Whipping cream, Lemon, 1 tsp of Vanilla, and 2 Tbsp of Confectioners Sugar. Beat until creamy and smooth.
In a Separate Bowl (preferably glass and cold. I put mine in the freezer while I'm doing the cream cheese)
Beat the remaining Whipping cream and remaining sugar. Keep beating until you reach Stiff peaks. Be careful don't go too far... we don't want butter, here :)
Fold 1/4 of the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.
Set remaining whipped cream in the fridge for a second.
Line the sides of a Spring Form Pan with the lady fingers, then line the bottom with lady fingers.
The way you do this is important. If you do it sides first, the cake is sturdier for serving. If you do the bottom first, the cake sometimes separates at the bottom when trying to serve it. :) jus sayin...
Now...Don't panic if you don't have a spring form pan. (I didn't use one) Use a Nice Fancy Bowl with 2-3 inch sides. I used my Princess House Trifle Dish :) Worked out Great!
Ok, so the pan/bowl is lined. Sides and bottom.
Spoon the cream cheese mixture into the bottom of the pan/bowl.
Top with a layer of lady fingers.
Spoon Cherry Pie filling on next.
Top with lady fingers. (push it down lightly to compact it.)
**lightly** I don't want to hear someone had cherries and whipped cream all over their counter because they pushed it down and it came out the bottom, top and sides of the springform pan! LOL
Pipe or spoon Whipped Cream over top.
Top with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour.
It tastes much better when it has had time to set...I know it's tempting... but it is soooo good when it's cold!
Trust me....You'll love it! Enjoy!

See ya in a week or so when I have to make Lady Fingers for the "Grandmother's Cake" :)