Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Officially the Holiday Season...That means Cookies!!!

Cookies are the definition of The Holiday Season for me. If anyone knows my kitchen they know that I am all about Comfort Food and Good Homemade Treats! Cookies are a staple of my Holiday table. I bake cookies, I freeze cookies, I decorate cookies, I am a Cookie Baking Gal! So, from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Week all of my posts will be COOKIES !!! I'll be the source of Cookie Knowledge you will refer to all Cookie Baking Season!
How to bake em? How to freeze em? How to Decorate em? How to package them? How to send them?
It's going to be a Blast!

To start off the Season of Cookies..I am giving you a gift! 

A Cookie E-Book! 

All has shared with us their Cookie Inspirations, Tips and Recipes for a Wonderful Cookie Baking Season! Are you up for it? I sure am. Here ya go!

Enjoy their TOP Cookie Picks for the Season, then stop by here at Food is Love and pick up a Season full of Cookies throughout the Month of December!! 
Happy Baking All !!!