Tuesday, August 16, 2011

7 Facts about Food is Love

My friend Claudia over at What's Cookin, Italian Style Cuisine "tagged" me in a 7 Facts Blog. It's an interesting idea for posting a Review of your blog Posts. It's also good for those who haven't seen all of your posts. this way they might see something they've missed. I like the idea of highlighting Popular Controversial and even Unsuccessful posts. It really shows the ins and outs of how some blogs posts are received in the blogosphere. There are only 2 Rules to this. 1.) Use only one Link per Category. 2) Choose 5 blogging Friends to *Tag* . So here goes:

1rst Category:  Most Beautiful
I would have to say the Peaches n Cream Rice Pudding was my most Beautiful.
The photo was probably my most "professional looking" to date.
What I was most impressed by was that many people loved the idea of the recipe and said they hadn't thought of it before. It was a Great Post, I was very happy with it!

2nd Category: Most Popular:
I had to make a decision on this one. To understand this you'd have to know what defines "popular". Does Popular mean... Views? or Comments? I went with views. The reason for this is because I too am a "Food Gawker" I love looking at recipes and food photos and seeing if the recipe is relevant to me and if I can recreate it, even though I love the recipe and recreate it, I might not comment. Thusly my choice was "Most Views". The post that received the Most Views in the history of this blog was Pastichetti. I love this post. It was my first recreation of a restaurant offering! It was fantastic!

3rd Category: Most Controversial:
This post is hands down the 1 post I got the most email from. I have no idea why it raised so many eyebrows. It just goes to show you that people don't like changing habits. The post is Baked Zeppole. Apparently to bake a Zeppole shell is to go against the norm. I got emails asking, where I was from? How can it be done? Am I sure this is right? and on and on and on... Just to reiterate, Yes it can be done. Yes those are my pictures, and Yes they are Delicious!!! Try them!

4th Category: Most Helpful:  
This one kind of had me thinking... Even though I get quite a few questions and requests via the Facebook Page Via the Blog...there aren't many questions. As I said previously many people read blogs and don't comment, therefore feedback sometimes can be hard to put your finger on. I'll have to say this one came out to a Tie. The tie was between: Simple Desserts You'll Love  &  Drive Thru Killers . They both encompass exactly what I like doing. Showing everyone that Cooking a fantastic meal or dessert doesn't have to be a brain buster! I love it when I get comments like.. I can't believe how easy that was.
Category # 5:  The Post that was Surprisingly Successful
I knew instantly what the answer to this one was going to be. In recent weeks I posted a "Fail". Gorilla Bread, a Tasty Fail is where I documented my trials and tribulations with a recipe from a Paula Deen Show. To my astonishment this was a hit!  If you haven't read this post., Please do! It's a hoot. And, by the way the Recipe did make Foodbuzz Top 9 that week. Just goes to show ya! Ya never know what's going to be popular! Ya just never know!

Category 6: The Post that Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved.
This was a hard one. I usually am pretty grateful for any attention paid to my recipes and writing. I have to go to statistics on this one and found that my Hearty Beef Stew recipe received 6 paviews!. In going to the stats,  I realized there were probably very many reasons this poor post didn't get it's due. First of all it was very near the beginning of my blog. I didn't label it correctly, I didn't tag it for search engines and I didn't have much of a following. I probably will repost this in the Winter and see that it will get a much warmer response. We'll see. It is an awesome recipe and is definitely worth it's due.

Category 7: Post I am Most Proud of:
This was easy. I am most proud of the post where I announce my Cookbook Publishing! Writing a cookbook is a process I think any cook should try at least once. I cant express how great it feels to have your recipes out in the world! The feeling that your cooking legacy will live on in perpetuity is phenomenal! To think that you can pass down your family's treasured recipes and memories with the whole world is an indescribable feeling.  I wish it to everyone! Publishing 5 Ingredient Solutions was certainly one of my proudest moments.

I hope you've enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed doing it! (even though I broke the rules).
Thanks Claudia for thinking of me and for including me. This was Great! Now, I get to include 5 of my Dearest Blogging Friends! I can't wait to see their posts: Check them out, wont you?

1. Jackie @ Syrup & Biscuits

3. Lark @ Lark's Country Heart

Lark's Country Heart

4. Melissa @ Cooking with Mel

5. Helena @ Saucy Girls Kitchen


  1. It would be really hard to choose any:) They are all delicious..made with love;))

  2. All of those look delicious! Makes me realize that I really really need to delve farther back into your blog. :-)

  3. I love that zeppole I remembered it well when you posted it... thanks for playing along it all looks wonderful!