Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Ingredient Solutions!

Hi Everyone! I am as proud as proud can be!
MY new Cookbook has been published on Amazon!
It will be available this afternoon for Kindle!!!
How amazing is that?!?!
I am ecstatic to say the least.

I was inspired by a Blogging Challenge I did at the beginning of the year. The idea is that You have 5 Quality Ingredients that you make into a Fabulous Dish! The criteria: Salt, Pepper, Water and an "oil" agent to prepare a pan don't count. Everything else does! A tough task, but so worth it in the end.When I completed the challenge I had so many more ideas, that I couldn't help but continue on with the idea!
5 Ingredient Recipes are a phenomenal way to make something that is Flavorful and Fast! It is exactly what the Modern Family needs today! Something to get them away from that dreaded Drive thru and into their kitchen!
It was a great challenge and now a Beautiful First Book in a series of Books. When beginning the book, I came up with 3-4 variations on the recipes and thought a series of 5 Ingredient Solutions would be a fabulous way to bring these ideas to light!
This First book encompasses all facets of Cooking. From Breakfast to Appetizers, Quick Lunches to a Sunday Family Dinner! The idea is that You have 5 Quality Ingredients that you make into a Fabulous Dish!
The cover image for example is a wonderful dessert, absolutely viable for a Company's Coming Dessert but easy enough to make on a weeknight for the family! That's the point of all of the recipes.
In the coming months I will be doing "Single Themed" 5 Ingredient Solutions...such as "Breakfast in a Flash" !
I can't relay my excitement anymore than to tell you how grateful I am for your interest in my blog and your wonderful commentary and questions. Thank you so much for being here!

I know you will love 5 Ingredient Solutions as much as I do, Enjoy!

<UPDATE> The book has been Published: It is available on Amazon right now!
                      Click Here (5 Ingredient Solutions)
In the event that you do not have a Kindle: Here is the link to download Kindle for PC, Free.
That way you can download the Cookbook to your PC  Kindle for PC
If you could, Please leave a review after you've downloaded it?  It's very important toward the opportunity to publish it in hard copy. Thank you Everyone for your on going encouragement and support!


  1. Couldn't be prouder! Like this just happened for a sister...
    I'll be getting a copy and spreading the word!

  2. Congrats so excited for you... looks like its going to be a great year of cooking ahead thanks for the announcement, looking forward to your future successes~

  3. That is so exciting. You must have worked very hard on that cookbook. I dont have a kendle. Will they publish it into a hard copy?

  4. I am soooooo happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  5. How exciting! Congratulations!!!

  6. Thank you Everyone so Much!!! Kath, thanks you for such wonderful support. Liz I am honored! Claudia It will be a year well spent for sure! Veronica @ the beginning of the week, I'll be posting a link to get a Full color PDF version so those who don't have a kindle, or even if they do and want full color can download it directly to their PC. :) Kate, Chris and Amy THANK YOU sooooo much for your undying support! It means so much!

  7. I need to look it up ASAP! Congratulations and may the download tally rack up!