Friday, February 11, 2011

Summer in The Kitchen Update

I know that Many of you are buried in deep dark piles of the White Stuff. The thought of the sunshine of a Bright Summer day seems like a far off memory.
I'd love to change that for you.
Join us for The Summer in the Kitchen Party!!
Bring the "spirit" of summer into your house in revolt of the freezing harsh winds of Winter blowing outside of your door.
Cover those Windows that yield to the Grey Cloudy Sky with Sunny Bright Colorful Patterned Fabric.
Turn on some Breezy Jazzy Tones of Summer Jazz, Like you hear here, & pour yourself a refreshing Tropical Drink. Plan a Menu of Fresh, Light, Summer Favorites & Bring Summer's renewal and soul replenishing warmth into your spirit right in your Kitchen!
Summer is a "feeling". Summer is a sense of mind that takes us to baseball Games, the ocean shore and family fun!
Take hold of this feeling and spread it among your family, friend and neighbors! Beat out the blues of Winter's darkness! Revolt against the harshness.
My Blogging friends and I are going to Share Recipes and Pictures with you via our Blogs, that will hopefully inspire you to Bring the warmth of Summer into your hearts and energize you enough to make it through these few more weeks of Winter.

Take a Break with us and Join the Party. Post Photos of your Summer Party to inspire Neighbors and Friends to Revolt against the Winter Doldrums. Have Fun! Join the Party!

All photos should be posted to: Food is Love (here on Facebook) Those without Facebook can email me the photos here @ and I would love to post them for you!

Please, Join the Party, Stop By our Participant's Pages & Enjoy the Recipes, Photos and Inspiration!

Lynn Elliot Vining @ Southern with a Twist
Rich Fletcher @ Rich Fletchers Good Food Revolution
Ken Canterbury @ Top Chef Fan
Chris & Amy White  @ A Couple in the Kitchen
Kate @
Christine Riojas @ bellabloo

For our Participant Badge click over to The Summer Revolution Blog here:  It's a Revolution!