Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Planning Newsletter are You in?

Yesterday afternoon I thought alot about how I was going to implement the Newsletter I mentioned on the Facebook page. It seems that receiving recipes in Your email so that you never miss one is important to you. I was thinking how can I make it vital? How can I make it *hit*? What kind of information would really give you the most inspiration to Make Dinner at Home? How can I make it as easy as possible? Then it Hit me, a Menu Plan!

Someone who wants to make dinner at home every night has to have a plan. I get that. It just doesn't "happen" at 5pm. To be successful there should be a plan. So why not give you a tool where some inspiration for the meals will make it easier? I'd love to help you with Menu, Shopping List, and of course Easy Recipes that are great after a long work day, but still flavorful enough for company on the days you have more time.

Sound Good? Works for Me!

Each Week, I will include a little sidebar about Pantry stocking, Coupons and Do-Aheads that will make it even easier to plan your week!

We may even save a little money along the way! Now there's a bonus I like!

To get in on this, Click on the Newsletter Link below or scan the QR Code to sign up. First Edition will be going out on Friday April 5.2013