Friday, July 1, 2011

Grill Master BBQ Chicken

I love it when a friend sends a call out to her friends and they are happily lend advice, a shoulder and sometimes a Really good Recipe. One morning I decided I wanted to make my own BBQ sauce and hadn't tried it yet, so I asked my Facebook friends if they had a good recipe I could try?

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Steph from Eccentric Kitchen answered in a snap! She commented "My husband makes an Awesome Bourbon BBQ Sauce" I was invited to try the recipe of  her husband, The "Grill Master"...? Wow, hope I could live up to the challenge! Seriously, I'm a novice BBQ sauce maker and originally from New England. BBQ, is not my strong suit. 
But I was willing to give it a try!
The recipe is pretty straightforward...Tasted awesome when preparing! Tasted even better after grilling it on chicken for the family !!! WOW !! 2 thumbs up for the Grill Master!!!! 
Here's the final product:

Click here for Matt The Grill Master's "Awesome Bourbon BBQ Sauce". Steph was right, It's Awesome!!

Remember the perfect compliment:
Angies Pasta Salad and for dessert Sawsan's Oatmeal Peach Cobbler!

Enjoy your 4th of July All !!!


  1. Thank GOD for hubbies and boyfriends who can work the grill like no other!! I may be a whiz in the kitchen but when it comes to grilling I leave that ALL up to the BF :) That bourbon bbq sauce sounds amazing, hope you have a fabulous 4th!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it!!! I am forwarding this post along to the grill master himself!!! Thanks for posting!!! Have a great weekend :)

    (blogger wont let me comment with my account?)

  3. I like BBQ chicken I hope to make it this week. Thaks


  4. Very strange Steph, but got the message :) Absolutely loved the recipe and the Post! Thanks so much and pass on the love to the GrillMaster too Please :)