Friday, July 1, 2011

Grill Master BBQ Chicken

I love it when a friend sends a call out to her friends and they are happily lend advice, a shoulder and sometimes a Really good Recipe. One morning I decided I wanted to make my own BBQ sauce and hadn't tried it yet, so I asked my Facebook friends if they had a good recipe I could try?

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Steph from Eccentric Kitchen answered in a snap! She commented "My husband makes an Awesome Bourbon BBQ Sauce" I was invited to try the recipe of  her husband, The "Grill Master"...? Wow, hope I could live up to the challenge! Seriously, I'm a novice BBQ sauce maker and originally from New England. BBQ, is not my strong suit. 
But I was willing to give it a try!
The recipe is pretty straightforward...Tasted awesome when preparing! Tasted even better after grilling it on chicken for the family !!! WOW !! 2 thumbs up for the Grill Master!!!! 
Here's the final product:

Click here for Matt The Grill Master's "Awesome Bourbon BBQ Sauce". Steph was right, It's Awesome!!

Remember the perfect compliment:
Angies Pasta Salad and for dessert Sawsan's Oatmeal Peach Cobbler!

Enjoy your 4th of July All !!!