Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ultimate Birthday Cake

This weekend we had a Birthday in the house! So of course it was a Cook's dream! I love cooking for special occasions. We had a glorious Breakfast. I made German Pancakes with Pineapple on top and a wonderful Cuban Coffee. Yum!! For dinner I made Italian Ricotta Stuffed Shells with Italian Sausage Meat sauce.
And for dessert the Birthday Cake!!! Ahhhh the Birthday cake... It was sublime. It was fantastic. The perfect combination of chocolate, but not too much chocolate. Sweet, but not too sweet. It was the Modern Day version of an Adult "Foodiefied" treat! All I can say is, Yummy.

The Ultimate Birthday Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cheesecake filling 
topped with a glorious Nutella Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix
2 eggs
2/3 cup Vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups Water
16 oz cream cheese (softened)
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup Sugar
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup Nutella (softened)
2 Tbsp cream cheese (softened)
1 tsp Vanilla
1 1/2 sticks Butter
3 cups Confectioners Sugar

Preheat oven to 350°
Prepare / Grease (2) 9 inch cake pans

Prepare and Bake Cake per box directions.
Divide cake batter among (2) 9 inch cake pans evenly.
Remove cakes from oven when touched in middle it bounces back.
Do not turn oven off.
Cool cakes on racks 15 minutes.

Move oven racks, leaving one middle rack, and one lowest rack.
Place an oblong baking pan on lower rack. Fill 1/2 - 3/4 with water.

Clean and dry cake pans.
Prepare/Grease cake pans
Line both cake pans edges with parchment paper.
As seen below
Make Filling:
Combine in a mixing bowl the eggs and sugar.
Add cream cheese.
Whip until smooth.
Add vanilla and combine.

Place one of the cakes into a prepared cake pan.
Top each cake with cream cheese filling. (divide evenly)
Be sure to not let filling fall off sides of cake.
Try to maintain an edge of cake.
Bake @ 350° for precisely 30 mins. No more, no less.

Remove from oven, and cool 15 mins.
Remove from pans, gingerly.
(I turned them out onto my hand then to a plate VERY quickly. If you do this and there is a little damage on one of them, no worries. Use that cake as the bottom cake. Remember you're frosting this bad boy.)
Cool cakes completely. Very important.

Combine in a mixing bowl, the Nutella and the milk.
Beat until smooth. Add cream cheese and butter. Beat until smooth.
Add Vanilla. combine.
Add Confectioners Sugar. Whip until fluffy and smooth.

Frosting the Cake:
**Be sure your cakes are completely cooled. The frosting will melt and slide on warm cakes. Yuck...

On completely cooled cakes:
** I piped frosting along the top edge of the bottom layer. Remember where I said to maintain a cake edge without cream cheese? This is where you pipe or spoon frosting. This edge of frosting is what will keep your top layer in place. I did not frost the whole middle. I only edged it. I didn't want to interrupt the cream cheese filling. I then frosted the cake as usual.

And Voila!! The Ultimate Birthday Cake:

The cake is so beautiful and absolutely delicious..and hey it has Nutella!!! 
Can you really go wrong???


  1. This looks so decadently good! Love the Nutella butter cream frosting! Definitely on the to do list!

  2. We love German pancakes too, but your cake looks sublime! Maybe that could be a Mother's Day cake also. :)

  3. Gosh! That is indeed the ultimate. Love this! Would make it for no reason. I just can't wait.

  4. This is a magnificient frosting and cake congrats on this wonderful recipe! Happy Birthday to the lucky family member~ would love some stuffed shells too!

  5. YUMMY!!! I love that Nutella frosting... wow... lucky birthday boy!

  6. Chocolate cake with cheesecake and nutella frosting sounds amazing! Just so ya know my birthday is in September ;)

  7. This looks so good! I've got to try it!

  8. wow! that does sound incredible! thanks for sharing! Wish i could swipe a bit of that gorgeous nutella frosting!

  9. Wow! Happy Birthday! I think I'd have to have several birthdays each year if this cake was on the menu. It looks stunning.

  10. THank you all for your Wonderful Comments. I too think the cake was a great success. Although I think my verve for pushing the envelope takes me to the complicated sometimes...I found a really good balance here. The flavors really compliment each other. The cheesecake filling really takes the edge off of the "chocolateness" of the cake. And as I said the Nutella...makes the butter cream just right! I'm so glad you liked the recipe! Send me pics if you make the cake I'd love to see it! I'll be sure to post them right here on this post!

  11. That looks amazing! I want someone to make that cake for my birthday:-)

  12. Thanks so much Lauren It really was amazing and so good!!! I too wish someone would make one for Me!! My birthday is in June you up for it??? LOL

  13. I am hopping over here from Crumbs in My mustachio. Come over and visit my blog I am a new blogger!when you get a chance. I wish I had a piece of this cake to celebrate the end of a fun week!


  14. Thank you so much for the mention on your blog. You are so sweet! It was my pleasure being there for you! You did a Great job on both blogs!