Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresh is the Word of the Day!

In my most recent traveling within the Blogosphere, I have come about a Blog that intrigued me. The author is an(on the cusp) 30 year old young woman who describes her blog as a diary of her journey toward a 100% Raw Diet. She admits although at this time she is  "100% Vegan. 60% Raw. 0% Cooking Experience"

Zenobia Sethna is a delightful woman who is boldy honest about her experiments in the kitchen and out.
She tells that she comes from a "non vegetarian" household and that she has always had an "uneasy" relationship with meat. While a confirmed 100% Vegan, she is now exploring the "Raw" revolution. Her take on this comes from research, documentaries and her admitted lack of "cooking" experience.
"Rawk Me",  (Raw Girl in Mumbai) Zenobia's Blog, is a light and refreshing blog on a new discovery of Food in its natural state. 
I was very impressed with the ability to combine, herbs, oils and spices to only enhance the natural flavor of the food. 
Zenobia does cook, but her natural preparations are to die for!

Pictured here is one of her Blog's offerings that takes a grocery store staple and reminds us of where the idea originates!.
Homemade Sun Dried Tomatoes. Zenobia gives us a simple recipe, yet she provides us with the confidence to "do it ourselves". A lovely take on a common ingredient in my pantry, as well as I'm sure in many of my readers.

Zenobia takes you through the process, visually as well as in text. Here is the final product:


I originally contacted Zenobia because I received an inbox post @ Foodbuzz for a "Carpaccio of Pineapple". I was again, intrigued. I love her "No Nonsense" attitude toward a Phenomenally Flavorful yet simple idea.
The definition of Carpaccio is "thinly sliced or pounded" usually meats or fish served as an appetizer. Her idea for this became Fresh Succulent Pineapple! I was blown away just at the thought of the recipe.
My jowls began to salivate at the site of it! I knew for sure this Needed to be a Summer in the Kitchen , Winter Revolution Recipe!

Again Fantastic!
This is a mouthwatering, delightful way of integrating a Fresh ingredient into an everyday meal.
Pineapple, dressed with Olive oil and Vanilla!! Brilliant!
Stop by Zenobia's Blog, It is a Trip to Freshness and Integrity of Food, that you can lighten up your everyday fare! Enjoy!

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