Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 with 5

The Challenge: 10 Recipes with 5 Ingredients
The Result: Great Time Saving, Budget Friendly Ideas

I have been Challenged!
When taking on this challenge with Julie from "Rosy+Tart" I was excited as I had just recently posted a couple of my "quick fix, few ingredient" recipes and knew they would be my jumping board for the challenge.

The Rules for the Challenge:
1. Create 10 Recipes with no more than 5 Ingredients Each.
Julie touts it can be anything; From a Smoothie to a Pasta Dish, to a Dip! Just use ONLY 5 ingredients.

2. Take a Pic, Post the Recipe and Blog about it!
The reasoning is to SEE what is created, hear if you liked it or as she states (had to feed it to the dog) lol.

3.) Take it at your own pace.
While Julie gave us plenty of time to get our blogs done she gave a little tweak of enthusiasm for "finishing" early. thus making it a "Challenge". She states "I don't expect you to crank out 10 recipes in 10 days. Now if you can...You'll earn a Gold Star or a Cookie." Well, I'm up for either. A Gold Star is my Goal!

Each of my Recipes submitted for the challenge will be marked with a Gold Number.

Sometimes I do 5 ingredient Recipes and don't realize I've done so.
This is because at the heart of this challenge as well as Quick but Great Recipes, you have to be mindful of "double duty" ingredients for your pantry. Infused Olive Oils, Herb & Garlic Pastes and Compound Butters, Stock with Wine and Herb Infusions, Marinades & Gourmet Sauces (watch salt content) that are pre-made, can be found in any ordinary grocery store today. Marinades that can be reduced for a sauce...this also is a wonderful way to reduce ingredients and extend your flavor profile. Also Meats that have flavors already in them such as Chourico (portuguese or spanish sausage) that is loaded with flavor. Garlic, paprika etc...Also Italian Sausage can come with different additions, such as thyme, or fennel, or hot pepper are wonderful "double duty" ingredients..
The key to this "Less is More" mindset is that less ingredients = more flavorful, best quality ingredients. Make the most of what you've got! It certainly can be done, and it can be done well!
Enjoy the Recipes!