Friday, August 19, 2011

Alfredo Chicken from Birdseye Voila®

Ok, I admit, I'm not one to buy a pre-packaged meal from the freezer section of the Supermarket. I have guilt issues. I am one of those women who shop in the market peering at other young women's carts and commenting on how they are shopping in a supermarket yet they buy frozen Prepared food! Well, I was one of those women yesterday, and after eating a really good dinner last opinion has changed!!
As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program®, I agreed to sample a Free package of Birds Eye Voila®.
I know I tout a mantra about fast food, but this truly is Fast Food with Slow Food Flavor. I equate this "Meal in a Bag" to what I would get if I had made Chicken Alfredo and frozen it for a later date. The spices, flavor and content were definitely satisfactory.
Here's what you get: I got the 23 oz's a pic of the actual bag:

I received a Coupon from Birds Eye® for a FREE 23 oz package. Coupon value was for $5.99 My Grocer's price was $5.49. So I was straight. There were probably 8-10 different flavors to choose from. Flavor choices were Italian, American and even Asian.The Birds Eye website lists 17 different flavors in this package size. I brought the package home and read the instructions. It said to pour the contents of the bag, the sauce package and 2 tbsp of water into a saute pan and heat covered on med high for 10 minutes. (There are microwave instructions also) I have to admit, for college kids who have a microwave handy, this would be a treat!
I opened the bag and find a "block" of sauce in it's own little package. I removed the block and poured the contents of the bag into a saute pan. (I was surprised by the amount of chicken in the bag. Nicely done.) Opened the sauce package and chopped it up into little pieces so it would melt evenly in the pan. I heated it on medium until it warmed through, then lowered to low for 3-4 minutes longer.
The contents of a 23 oz package is enough for 2 servings. Served aside a fresh salad and nice crusty bread, you have a substantial meal that took literally 10 minutes without the sacrifice of a Take Out price tag or the fast food guilt. Thumbs up Birdseye!


  1. I tried this a couple times when it was just two for supper and we loved it. Perfect with Italian bread and a nice salad. I haven't tried any other flavors, I'm a sucker for Alfredo. Thanks for the review...and the validation that it's ok to go the easy way

  2. Loving the coupon! LOVE this stuff!

  3. Loving the coupon! LOVE this stuff!

  4. I too have the same sort of pangs of guilt when I don't make a meal from scratch. That's why I decided to roll my own easy chicken skillet. It's not "steam in the pan"-easy, but if you got time to boil water, it's darn close!

  5. Sorry not convinced yet:)Partly because I have my own chooks;)But if you enjoyed its ok:)

  6. My whole fam loves Birds Eye Voila Meals! Thanks for the review!

  7. That looks like a seriously delicious meal! I've never tried Voila Meals...need to do that soon!