Friday, June 17, 2011

Fan Friday Feature: Yani Markham

Happy Friday Everyone! This post is absolutely one of my favorites to do.
I am highlighting someone who is a perfect example of why I do what I do!
Yani Markham is a wonderful South Floridian who is a consummate promoter and friend to Food is Love.
Photo Credit: Yani Markham
She goes out of her way to make sure Food is Love is mentioned where it should be and makes positive statements across the board.
Yani also consistently reminds me of my mission. I am here to help people to cook. Not just the pretty stuff, not just the really difficult show stopping cakes and lobster meals, but the everyday, I wanna make supper stuff.
She keeps me grounded.
I don't think she really knows what and inspiration she is.
A prime example would be the other day when I posted a photo on the Facebook page of a "piece of baked chicken" I hadn't made in 10 years. It was a chicken recipe my Mom made all of my life, and truthfully I didn't think it was "blog worthy". Yani made it crystal clear.
Her comment read: "Yani Markham I appreciate this a lot, I looked everywhere for that garlic chicken recipe but figured it was top secret ... lol. You may take your recipe's for granted cause you are awesome but to some of us (suckish cooks), every basic instruction helps! lol thanks again! :o)" Yani went on to say in her next comment: " Yani Markham U would be so proud, I made a really good meatloaf today, I'm still licking my fingers, not bad at all. Thanks for the motivation."
She has no idea what an inspiration She is... It's her and everyone like her, that I post for..every time I post! She is my reason for doing this. She is the reason I wrote a cookbook that contains 5 Ingredient Recipes. She is the reason I ask what everyone is making for dinner everyday! To give Everyone inspiration, motivation and confidence to eat at home and not the Drive thru!
Yani posted a photo on my Facebook page the other day that I want to share! Yani made Sloppy Joes!!!  I am thrilled that she shared it with us! I love that she is cooking and so enjoy hearing about it! 
Photo Credit: Yani Markham

Yani Thank YOU for all that you do for Food is Love and for being the voice in the back of my mind, when I think something isnt worth posting! You remind me of why I want to do this! I am proud to know you and proud to say you are the Food is Love Fan Friday Feature! :)


  1. I also want to know about the Garlic Chicken recipe. I am actually finding the best birthday gift for my girlfriend. I'm not much of a cook, Laurie. I want to prepare her the most delicious food I can do. And upon seeing this recipe made me say, "Wow it's so simple!" Thank you very much for sharing this one. This really looks delicious. I'm craving for a plate of that right now. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe again.

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  2. Hi Haley,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! The chicken is fool proof and she will love it! You can pick up in your grocery store a package of "Vigo" Yellow rice (drop in the rice cooker or make on stovetop) and it is the perfect compliment for the chicken. Add some sauteed onion and green pepper or leave as is...You'll love it!
    What did u decide for dessert? Can I suggest the Mango Shortcake??? It is fabulous or my New Blueberry Dumplings??? So easy yet so Decadent! Check out my Facebook page for more EASY to prepare recipes. I truly believe cooking should be easy...It's a Drive Thru Killer!!!
    Garlic Chicken:
    Food is love Facebook Page:

    Please let me know how the meal goes!