Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Mother's Day

Well Sunday is Mother's Day and  I'd love to pass on some of the things I think would be great ideas, so you can have a wonderful Mother's Day! As my Mom has passed on I think I will live vicariously through you all! Ok with you????

Here goes: 
What Mom doesn't love a Mani / Pedi???
Take Mom over to the Salon and spend the afternoon Pampering!

Better yet, Stop by your Local Dollar store and grab all of the items you'll need for a Mani / Pedi Gift Basket!
They have little Pedicure their personal care section that have "toe holders", orange stick, file and nail clippers packaged neatly in this little clear plastic sleeve for $1.00. In that same section you can pick up Nail polish, Nail Polish Remover...a really nice little Manicure Gift Box Set..complete with Nail File, Buffer, Cuticle sticks, Clippers, Scissors, needed for a good manicure. Again $1.00.You could make a beautiful little Basket to bring along with you to Mom's for a nice Brunch or Lunch and it will not break your budget. We all know Moms love a well thought out gift!

Brunch or Lunch
For a great Brunch idea, I love my Baked French Toast. You can prep it the night before, then bake it when you get to Mom's. When she smells the Cinnamon and Apples...or the Brown Sugar and Bananas..You will be a Rock Star!!!
Another idea would be to grab some fresh fruit, granola and yogurt and build a beautiful Spring Parfait! It is super easy.. but so impressive. your mom will Love it!
If your Mom is anything like Mine was... She'll love anything you bring her..She just loves the fact that you thought of her!

Point is..make the day as special as possible. She brought you into the world... If you don't do anything..She'll take ya out!!!
Happy Mother's Day All!!!
Love you Mommy :)