Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chocolate Guacamole Cupcakes

It's not Avocado season but I have a few avocados in the fridge. We have a great Farmer's Markets here in South Florida and can get Awesome Produce all year round. Mine are just now ripe and I'm not having a Latin meal to go with them anytime soon. Hmmm.... Searching and searching my friends blogs for some semblance of what to do "creatively" with these Avocados. Because after all, Guacamole is great, but wouldn't a Cupcake or Cookie be better? Not many *newish recipes for something sweet to do with avocados This made me improvise and what a surprisingly Great improvisation it came out to be!
For those of you who love the way I make things my own:
Here is My version of a delicious treat to make with leftover avocados.
 Enjoy! _________________________________________________________Recipe

Chocolate Guacamole
Chocolate Guacamole Cupcakes!