Thursday, August 11, 2011

My New Kodak Photo Book

I have exciting News! 
I was a chosen  Foodbuzz Tastemaker this month.
We were given the opportunity to create and receive a FREE Kodak Photo Book!

I had made one previously when the books like this had first come out. I had gone to the Florida Keys for my 40th Birthday and wanted to make a scrapbook, but wanted it to be especially nice. 
The process for this Kodak Photo Book was similar.

You simply choose the photos you want to include in the book and
 insert them into the Page Layout of your choosing.
I have to admit, This book is more than I ever expected!

As my Cookbook, is an E-book, I don't have a Hard-copy.
So I chose this time to create a book about my Cookbook Journey.
It was so much fun. The photos came out Fantastic! 
I have the simplest Point & Shoot Camera,
 and was so afraid of "Low Resolution" problems.
This book makes my photos look beyond professional!

The Quickstart Program lets you choose the Book Style 
then Upload any and all Photos you might want to include.

Can you believe this???
Thanks to Kodak and the Tastemaker Program I can now
 not only see my Cookbook, but hold it and thumb through it!
I now have a Hard Copy Cookbook!
I am over-the-moon thrilled!

With each turn of the page, I am happier and happier with the outcome.
The process was painless and the turnaround 5 days!
I created the book in 2 days, ordered it and it was in my hands in 5 days!

I think my Hunny was disappointed that I didn't do a "Vacation Book",
 but the expression on his face when he saw this book
 lets me know I made the right choice.

You will love Your book!
Oh, didn't I tell you?
Kodak is giving all of my readers a 40% discount off of a 
Medium Hardcover or Large Photo Book!!!!
Is that cool or what???
Now you can make your own!
You can do a First Day of School Book, 
Put all of those Wedding Photos in a Fantastic Book,
 How about a really special Christmas gift?? 
Know someone with a Special Anniversary or Birthday coming up?
This is the Gift of a thousand Million words!

Are these Photos Fantastic or What?

I knew once you saw this that You would want one!
I am delighted to say that Kodak Gallery has provided you,  my Readers an exclusive URL all of your own, to purchase Your very own book @ a 40 % discount!
So get to it! Get thinking about what you'd like to do!
The discount ends on 8-31-11.

Click Here to get started!
Enjoy, my Readers!

Thanks so much for the pleasure of sharing this with you!
Have Fun!!!