Friday, June 24, 2011

Bristol, Rhode Island

Hey All, as I mentioned a few weeks ago I am going on vacation for about 10 days. I am going to a wonderful New England State called Rhode Island. While I know my friends and family are very familiar with the state, many of my readers may not be. Some of my readership are not from the US. So, if you'll indulge me a little, I'd love to show you a little about Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is the smallest of the United States in land mass.
According to the 2009 census, Rhode Island is 1,044.93 square miles with a Population of: 1,053,209. Just to give you perspective, the County I live in..Miami-Dade County is according to the same census: 1,946.06 square miles with a Population of 2,500,625. The whole state would fit into the county I currently live in!

The town in Rhode Island where the bulk of my vacation will take place is Bristol.
Photo Credit: Julie Castigliego, Photographer

Bristol is nicknamed the "Most Patriotic" city in the country. They celebrate the 4th of July with Flair! The 4th of July Celebration in Bristol is in fact the "Oldest continuous Independence Day Celebration" in the U.S..
I have to admit, coming home for the 4th of July is bigger than Christmas in Bristol. It's that good.
Every year a crowd of 200,000+ people gather in Bristol. They sleep in tents in family members backyards or in RV's parked at the local VFW, just to secure their "spot" on the parade route. We all gather to celebrate the pride we have in our community as well as our country and how it resonates through it's people.
Photo Credit: Julie Castigliego, Photographer
Bristol is a picturesque New England town much like many others with the distinction of being a beautiful History driven community.

Linden Place
Photo Credit:
Julie Castigliego, Photographer
With Historical buildings dating back to the 1700's and early 1800s. A walk through the downtown streets will have you in awe of it's splendor. For example "Linden Place",  the "crown jewel" of Bristol's Historic Downtown, is a Federal period Mansion that was originally built for General George DeWolf and later became the home of actress Ethel Barrymore (sister of Drew Barrymore's Grandfather) and Samuel Colt (American Arms maker).
Photo Credit: Julie Castigliego, Photographer

Bristol's history and small town charm bring a peace and contentment to your day that equates with a comfy armchair and a good book on a rainy afternoon. Its tree lined sidewalks, and sprawling harbor views instill a feeling of warmth and welcome that isn't found very often in a vacation spot.
I cannot wait to enjoy the seaside views and a glass of wine at the end of my day!
Photo Credit: Julie Catigliego, Photographer
Photo Credit: Julie Castigliego, Photographer
My very peaceful and contented vacation will end with the Oldest 4th of July Celebration in the country!
Carnivals and Concerts, Great food and Great friends. The week ending with the most spectacular Civic & Military Parade that I will share with 200,000 other Very Proud Americans!
  Join me, wont you?!?!

Photo Credit: Julie Castigliego, Photographer

Many Thanks to Julie Castigliego for her beautiful Photos and the story they tell.


  1. Hey Laurie...last years estimate was over 2 million at the parade. They estimated it with a military camera and computer with the fly by that starts the parade. So forget 200,000 think 2,000,000+ lol Can't wait for you too see all the changes in town. It's so beautiful here.

  2. "Anonymous", I have been to Bristol several times in the last few years, just not for the 4th of July. I love the way Bristol has changed and not so many ways. It will be a great trip. Thanks for reading.