Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer Food Favorites!

My dear friend Rich Fletcher decided he couldn't decide. Rich is such a wonderful cook and has a fantastic repertoire of recipes that when it comes to deciding on just one it is an impossible task. I have to agree with him. He is a phenomenal cook and photographer! He not only can cook his butt off... but the photos alone will have you salivating and reproducing his recipes in a heartbeat!

 I introduce you too Rich Fletcher of Rich Fletcher's Good Food Revolution:

As I said he is a great cook, a fantastic photographer and ultra supportive friend! Rich surely knows the idea of Winter Blues. He lives in a Frozen Tundra. Canada!
His Photo Blog never ceases to astound! How a person that is so Deep in the frozen flurries can continue to provide his readers with Fresh, Wholesome, Locally obtained ingredient driven recipes is bewildering to me.
Rich's idea of a trip to grocery is a Daytrip to a wondrous land! As a foodie I so love Rich's shopping days. He always comes home with a story and an ingredient or two that will get the curiosity factor going.
So when Rich decided not to decide on what to submit to the Party..he gave a compilation of dishes sure to please.  Just one example would be the jaw breaker, juice dripping  1/2 lb Home Burgers Rich is famous for!

With or without cheese these tasty wonders will melt in your mouth.
Rich also has given us a choice of something fresh for maybe a starter..How about Fresh Melon wrapped in a nice salty prosciutto as seen here??

How could you go wrong with that??? 
For his final submission Rich has really saved a great for last.
Chili Chicken Skewers!!!   Juicy bits of fresh Free Range chicken, locally grown peppers and onions...a dish to die for!

This Final Summer in the Kitchen Party Blog has been a Blast!! 
Thanks so much to my dear friend Rich Fletcher at Rich Fletcher's Good Food Revolution for showing a Florida girl whats what when it comes to getting out of the Winter Blues!!

A Final Big  THANK YOU to all of my Participants, It truly has been a Pleasure!
Please take a moment to stop by and visit all of the Summer in the Kitchen Blog Party entries you'll be so glad you did!

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  1. Ok - I'm drooling now!! Love the chicken skewers!

  2. Brandie, aren't they fantastic?!?! Rich is a Great cook and I love his Local Purveyor mission! Incredible Foodie find in Rich! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. Wonderful food, Rich! Such a great reminder of summer... delicious!

  4. Thanks so much Kate. Rich really does a great Job with Local ingredients doesn't he?!? Thanks so much for stopping by :)