Saturday, March 29, 2014

The New Recipe Website

Hey Everyone!
The migration of this blog to the Website will begin soon.
I know many of you are already familiar with the site Food is Love Recipes but haven't signed up for the email updates yet. You're missing out.
The New Website emails average 10 recipes per email!
The New Email is a Weekly Summary of the Week's Recipes. You will get only 1 email per week.
It goes out on Monday morning and it's chock full of the weeks Recipes!
As Food is Love is now a Multi-Blogger platform we showcase many more recipes from all of the Bloggers you know and love, all over the web and bring them directly to your email !

Stop by the New Website: Food is Love Recipes, click on the Recipe tab and drop your email into the "subscribe box" on the right.  Monday morning your Inbox will be filled with deliciousness like this!

Here's a Taste of what you missed this Week on Food is Love Recipes:


Chicken Pasta Primavera 
            from Real Food


Red Pepper & Baked Egg Galette
   from:  The View of the Great Island


     Milky Way
Chocolate Caramel Mini Bundt Cakes
  Perfect for your Easter Table

Stop by the Food is Love today and Subscribe so you never miss a Recipe!
Thanks All !!