Monday, February 17, 2014

200 Posts and Big Changes on the Horizon!

Hi ! This is my 200th Post!!! Can you believe it? I have posted 200 little notes to you all concerning food in one way or another. I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have. It's been a delight.
In the coming months Food is Love's website is going to change. I will be moving in some other Bloggers!
I'll be adding a few hundred new Authors, Recipe creators and best of all Friends to my Website.
You see, in the last few months I have realized that sharing others with you on my Facebook page through Shared Photos, Recipes and the like,  have made you all very happy. I know, I know you like my recipes and my down home REAL food suppers but their Beautiful Photos and Limelight Recipes have knocked your socks off and I would love to showcase them in one place for you.
Computer crazy Food is Love

As Many of you know I started a Facebook "List" of over 600 Food Bloggers so that it would be easier for you to find your favorites in one place. It has become a Phenomenon. The Food Bloggers and You All Message me daily to say how much easier it is to "like" and share when scrolling down the Food Blogger page.
This started me on a tizzy thinking of how I could bring that to you on a Grander scale??? 

One morning last week, I woke up at 9am and like a lightning bolt hit me, I could see a Beautiful Website falling out in front of my mind's eye. I got a few things on paper and on video so that I could remember everything to do...(Most of you know I am awake well into the wee hours, so that is an unGodly hour for me to wake up and do anything I will remember clearly... LOL) .

So here's what I got! 

Food Blog Plan infographic

First step:  WEBSITE
The New  (Food is Love Recipes) Website will be live on Monday Feb 17th.
There will be a Beautiful place for you to come and see your favorite Bloggers and their wonderful creations all in one place! 

2nd Step: Food Show Tours
Your Local Food Bloggers will be given a chance to be a Featured Blogger. In that, they will have the opportunity to go out into the world and SEE you ALL LIVE and in PERSON !! They'll be demoing their recipes and even have a chance to bring their Cookbooks to you right there at your local Food Show! So get your questions and cameras out! Their coming to YOU !!!

3rd Step: Food is Love TV
Food is Love Authors will then be given a chance to Showcase their Recipe Videos on Food is Love TV!
You will be able to see Recipe Videos by the droves right on the Food is Love website! I personally will be doing a Day in the life of a Food Blogger  every Thursday, to showcase a Featured Author!

4th Step: Food is Love Publishing
Food is Love is getting into the Cookbook business! Yup, we are totally diving in to make Food is Love the Premiere place for all things food! We will be teaching a course in Cookbook writing and self publishing while giving you and our Featured Authors the chance to bring your recipes to the written pages of Ebooks for Kindle, I tunes and on Printed shiny Book pages.

I know this is ALOT to take in and believe me I haven't taken a deep breath in 2 weeks, but it's all happening and I am so glad you're here to share the ride with me! As you have been for the last 3 years!
Thank You all for your undying Support and Love it has been the light at the end of a very dark tunnel for me and if I give you half the smiles and joy you have brought me, I'll have been more than bountifully blessed to have lived & shared this experience with you!